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Management Coach Alan Gensoli

Creative Director
Negros Season of Culture

Alan Gensoli has devoted decades to marketing communications, finding value in the rough and creating narratives that are truthful and insightful.  Soon after finishing his Communications degree at Ateneo de Manila, he left for New York City to take on his first career assignments. He was Production Editor for 1,001 Home Ideas magazine when he finally left and returned to the Philippines.

He acquired his Master in Management degree from the AIM. He has been consultant to the cable television industry since the 1990s and is currently part of the team that will launch the country’s first international “tech show” in cyberspace in 2021.

Alan has been a customer service coach since 2012, recently launching LUV Level Up Virtual, a series of online seminars on the topic.

In 2019, the Angelica Berrie Foundation tapped Alan to manage the launching of BAO: The Unbowed Carabao, a sculpture of brass and mosaic that now stands guard at The Negros Museum. Negros Season of Culture is Alan’s second engagement with the foundation.

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